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Gift sets

Looking for the perfect gift? We've got you covered! Check out our gift sets with the most wonderful bee-friendly products. We'll make sure it's beautifully wrapped and ready to put a smile on the recipient's face. Not exactly what you're looking for? Compose your very own gift box and receive a 10% discount on boxes over €15. Check our full assortment of products on this page.

Would you like to order a gift set or ask a question? Send an e-mail to or call 

+31 (0) 23 531 96 25. Delivery available. Ask us about our delivery options.

IMG_9226 edit (23,5-21).jpg

Royal Beauty

  • Delightful (100gr) beeswax soap with honey & propolis

  • Hydrating South Korean honey sheet mask

  • Moisturizing face mask with honey

  • Large (250gr) beeswax soap with honey & royal jelly

  • Nourishing honey hand balm


IMG_9318 edit (19-17).jpg

Honey lover

  • Hydrating South Korean honey sheet mask

  • Two moisturizing face masks with honey

  • Fresh, unheated and bee-friendly honey

  • Wooden honey spoon


IMG_9235 edit (21 - 18,5)kopie.jpg


& Bubbly

  • Hydrating South Korean honey sheet mask

  • Three delightful beeswax soaps with honey & lavender, honey & propolis and honey & olive oil

  • Nourishing honey hand balm


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