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About us


Bees are some of the most important creatures we share this planet with. In fact, these buzzing beauties are responsible for 75% of our fruits and vegetables. With that in mind, it's important to teach everyone the importance of protecting our friends, the bees. 🐝


At The Hive we love bees and, together with you, we want to do everything we can to save them. We do this by following these four principles: Appreciate, educate, collaborate & donate.



We need the bees. Not just for honey & beeswax, but for our entire ecosystem. It's important to remember what we would have to miss without the bees and to appreciate all they do for the world. That's why we underlined all ingredients that are pollinated by bees on our menu, to visualize their impact on our eating patterns.


We love teaching our guests more about the world of bees. "Why are they dying?" "What can we do about it?" "What does bee-friendly beekeeping mean?". We answer these (and more) questions to anyone in our cafe and through social media. Change starts with awareness and knowledge!


All our honey and bee-related products are entirely bee-friendly. We collaborate with beekeepers that always put the wellbeing of their bees and the environment as a top priority. Likewise, we exclusively work together with suppliers and partners that contribute to a better world for the bees and humans alike. That's how we try to build a community of likeminded businesses and people with a shared goal. We work together with (among others) Imkerij de Werkbij, De Bijenstichting, The Pollinators, de Haarlemse ImkerverenigingInstock, Pukka thee, Zzinga, Fritz-kola & Neleman.


Finally we're planning to directly donate financially to charities such as De Bijenstichting and The Pollinators. As we opened a mere 6 days before the first Covid-related closure, our financial compass is currently set on 'survival'. However, as soon as we generate a profit we will immediately donate a percentage to charities for the bees. 

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