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We've got a beautiful assortment of bee-friendly and honey-related products. Order them individually or compose your very own gift set and receive 10% discount on all sets above €15 in value. Can't decide? Check out our gift sets.

Would you like to place an order or ask a question? Send an e-mail to or call 

+31 (0) 23 531 96. Delivery available. Ask us about our delivery options.

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Hexagon soap (100gr)

A wonderful smelling soap with honey and propolis, lavender or olive oil.


IMG_4761 edit.jpg

Hand rolled dinner candles

A set of two hand rolled pure beeswax candles, 33cm high.


IMG_0691 edit.jpg

Circular Cup

This Circular Cup is a perfectly eco-friendly alternative to single-use cups, and it's even made of used single-use coffee cups. The Circular Cup can be easily opened and closed with one hand and is designed to keep your drink nice and hot (or cold). That makes this cup the perfect cup for your coffee and tea to go!


IMG_8544 edit.jpg

Honey (250gr)

​A 250gr jar of fresh, bee-friendly and unheated honey. We currently have the following honeys in stock:

  • Jewelweed honey from the Biesbosch 

  • Coffee blossom honey from Brazil

  • Lemon honey from Spain

Please note: Our honeys do not have any added flavors. The honeys are named after the specific flower or plant that has been pollinated by the bees. The nectar of those flowers and plants give the honey its distinct color and flavor.


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Hydrating sheet mask

Intensely nourishing South Korean honey sheet mask for a healthy, glowing and hydrated skin. Currently in stock: Manuka Honey or Royal Jelly essence sheet mask.


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Ceramic (sugar) pots

Beautiful ceramic pots with a lid in three different sizes (also available individually).

  • Small; 8cm high (€5)

  • Medium; 10cm high (€7,50)

  • Large; 13cm high (€10)

Set of 3 


IMG_8404 edit.jpg

Large beeswax soap

Large 250gr soap with honey and propolis or honey and royal jelly. Not only are these great for the skin, but they smell absolutely amazing.


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